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Thursday, 29 August 2013
Five Famous Video Songs of Saif Samejo

Five Famous Video Songs of Saif Samejo

The Sketches is south Asia based music band consisting of 5 to 10 team members lead by Saif Samejo. Following definition of the sketches is officially that can be found on the sketches website
"Sketch is like a preliminary drawing, the result of ideation after reflection, we envisage in our minds and translate the visual into something tangible, that’s how we conceive our music. Music is extremely close to our hearts. It transcends all physical or spiritual barriers of caste, creed, religion, orregion and speaks the universal language of love and peace. That’s exactly what we try to convey through our music. The thought is conjured up and it
transforms and flows into our music. Our thought is defined by melody. We speak through it, trying to reach the smallest possible corners of a person’s spirit, where he feels. A space within where we are our true selves."

Since last few years it has been very much famous and this band has made lot of improvements in folk music of Sindh. Saif Samejo . young and talented artist started his journey from 2003. Ajrak, Guitar, Sindhi Pop are other sweet nick names of Saif Samejo. Saif Samejo being very young, he is the only Sindhi artist who has as much feedback on social media having crossed more than 0.2 million likes on his fan page of faceook. Through their short journey following songs got worldwide audience.

1.            Main Sufi Hoon Sarmasta (I am sufi)
2.            Not me alone
3.            Mojood (Present)
4.            Asan Sutal Ha soon nid Nashe Wich (We were sleeping)
5.            Ishq Da kalma (Song of Love)

Main Sufi Hoom, this was most revolutionary tract of Saif Samejo which earned lot of fan following and audience from all over the world and this was the track basically which gave this group of young artist worldwide respect and support and they started to perform in international concerts in cities like Mumbai,Dubai and Malaysia’s different cities

Not me alone, this was the song when people who understand and speak English started to listen him. This track is translation of Ghazal of Shaikh Ayaz and has been translated into English by lyricist. Videographer in these tracks was inspirational and rocked over the fans.

 “Mu me tu Maujood” Poetry of Shah Abdul Latif bhitai, In this song he modernized the folk and classical poetry and music. He made several alterations in music arrangements made by musician, though this song became very much popular, English translation of this track is given blow.
Own Himself

Beloved Himself
Creator Himself
Lover Himself
You are in mine
I am already
I am unknown
You are  in mine
O God! O God
Eyes to Eyes
O God! O God!
Who learn to
I am already
I am unknown
Those are accepted.

Asan Sutal Ha Soon
This track is orignially sung by famous folk singer late Allan Fakir, but Saif Samejo sang this in modern way with guitar and drums and more interesting expressions were also added which made this song very colorful and tasteful for listeners and as the formers got this songs also succeeded with flying colors.

Ishq Da Kalma
The Song of love, a pray and slogan of eternal love which lasts always and never dies, this sings pure mystic and shows the mature thoughts of Saif Samejo with having some modern touch of music made this popular both for public and Sufi Saints. This track showed how serious they are to promote heritage of Sindh.


  1. He is great singer specially in current generation he has got lot of fame and has been regarding one of the moderators of Sindhi Music, he is the only Sindhi singer who has promoted Sindhi Folk Music at international level at his own efforts.

    God Bless'em